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      Welcome to Amber Skky creations, home of all of our authors...well, creations. journey through the world of romance, spice, fantasy, thriller, and even children's books. Enjoy this multiversed catalog of novels, novellas, orgin stories and so much more. Welcome to this beautifully crafted space of pure imagination.


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Purple Honey

Pink Sand
Pink Sand
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Amber's Remorse

Coming Soon
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Chasity Cage

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

We can't wait to unveil what we have next. what's in store and so much more. 

In The Press

                          IN THE PRESS....

This novel is beyond captivating and yet there is no better word to describe this work of art. From the beginning to the end the novel pulls you in. The unCovered Veil truly created a novel that leaves you speechless but honored to read her novel.

Starla McCormick

Simply beautiful and classy from beginning to end. Leaving me cheering on characters and cringing at others MILK left me completely fulfilled and somehow longing for more.

Marina Speeceledesma

Reading a romance novel is primarily not a male genre. However, this may become a habit because of MILK. In the most subtle way the unCovered Veil stole my heart and hid it inside of her pages.

Douglas Williams

   Brief Bio

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         M. D. Kirkley is an American author who writes in the many "beautiful hues of this world and the next. The canvas serves the purpose of being everything society does not allow her to be.

          Her belief in writing is that it allows your imagination to run wild with no opposition other than your own personal inhibitions. Submerging herself in what she describes as the audio to the mental movies she sees when she is writing, she captivates the audience with her tantalizing alliterations.

          Highlighting the romance even in a thriller, she prides herself on how well she describes every facet of her work, including the aromas, color palettes, character development, and storyline. M. D. Kirkley's first series is a gripping romance/thriller of love, passion, and pain. However, she prides herself in writing cross genres, with every piece of work having its own voice.

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