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The relationship between mother and son is extremely unique, especially with the first son. Growing up, the concept of generational curses that were never fully explained or understood, the mindset is rarely escaped. However, it's not until a child becomes a parent that the ideology of these curses is understood. Poverty can swallow you in the depths of an unforgiving river Jordan and leave you as filthy as the world says you are. Leaving men in a state of misunderstanding their positions, power, and stature. Men of color are made to carry a weight they didn't ask to carry, to be judged by rules that they can't see, only to beg to be loved by people that can't see them. But many little girls are left in broken and missing pieces and left to love the very gender that broke them—left them abandoned by a broken mother, tainted in her innocence with their own impurities, and destroyed in value because of the confusion of currency. Poverty has no respect of color or the beginning of status. Drinking to numb the demons that haunt the darkness of your mind, having sex to feel something other than being numb, confusion, and pain is the foundation of poverty.


Are you ready to heal? Are you prepared to face your demons? Are you ready to escape poverty?

A Child Named Paverde

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