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 Love and pain are synonymous with one another in countless relationships. However, a woman's pain is accepted by a man and is not often reciprocated by a woman.

  The destruction caused by the situation a woman created can only result in the narcissistic reaction of being the forced victim of the very situation she caused. While the tidal waves of love crash ashore, causing a male's edges to become a rigid escape of solitude, his pain has to remain hidden and eventually forgotten.

   Many misconceptions exist about how deep a man's love will go for the woman he loves. But there are clear understandings about the length of a woman's love and especially her anger. But how deep should a man's love go when the woman he sacrificed everything for betrays him?


                                               Milk will captivate you...

Oh, and as you fall off the cliff, this edition will catch you...with the beginning of the second will know just how far Amber is willing to go!

Milk (Limited Edition Version)

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