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But if your mom is like my mom she might be a superhero to! (8.5 × 11 in) (11 × 7.5 in) (1
Super Hero Kids
Super Hero Kids
Kids with Capes

There are so many magical moments that happen in my home. There are moments where pirates fight at bath time, I gain super speed, and the villain Dr. Workaholic, gets defeated! Can you keep a secret? I think my Mommy is a Superhero, Shh!

Click on the title and discover AXEL's world...

Kids Reading Outdoor

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Join us inside of Axel's world!

Kids Reading Outdoor
Kid's Playing Outdoor

Let's See if your mom is a superhero too?

Everyone has a super power, but a mom's power is differnt . Watch how Axel discovers his moms a superhero.

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