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Children's Corner

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Children's corner is a collection of beautifully crafted books that venture into the imagination of a child. This new collection explores the what if's and the why not's of Axel's little mind. Come Read with Me! (my giggling little Axel). 




My Mom's a Super hero

Visit the vision of how little Axel views the world. How he views his mommy! Heart felt, colorful, and fanciful! 


My Little Brother

When little Axel forgets his size he's always the "Big Guy" even when he's the little guy!


If mommy was a baby!

Would she throw a tantrum? or will she be silly? Venture into Axels little world of the "Only If's".


Chase me to the moon mommy!

Wonderfully written and full of life, journey with Axel as he runs to the Moon!


Letters to my Dragon Warrior

A collection of letters to Axel as he starts his journey to become a Dragon Warrior!



Terrible two's attack Axel as he runs from the "Mines"!

So Precious! So exceptionally illustrated! 

Tiana M.

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